Game on.

We stand for working hard to get where you want to be – no matter what your game. Sneak has activated the new era of energy, for gamers, for streamers, for content creators and for everyone in between.

At Sneak, we refused to settle for sugar-filled canned energy drinks that pump us up and drag us down. So we changed the game.

We created an explosive sugar-free energy formula that blows old-school canned drinks out of the water and delivers a powerful boost whenever you need it most.

Ready to raise your game?


We set out to create a clean, focused energy formula that would enhance our reaction times and sharpen our focus, so we could truly be at the top of our game. 

We wanted explosive flavours that would blast our taste buds into life and leave us feeling refreshed and ready to go again.

We wanted Sneak to work out better for your wallet than any other canned energy drink. At 75p per serving, we’ve got your back.

We swore to be totally transparent. With a formula this good, why would we keep our ingredients list a secret?

Sneak has arrived. Game on.