Time to go Solo...

Time to go Solo...

“Can I get a sample?”

“Do you guys offer smaller servings?”

“Could I try out your flavors?” 

Since Sneak launched, there’s been one thing you all wanted to know.

Can I try Sneak before I commit to a full-size tub?

You asked, so we delivered. Big time. 

Introducing Sneak Solos – single-serve sachets that are the perfect way to give our formula a try before you dive right into one of our tubs.

Our Solos come in all three Sneak flavors – Cherry Bomb, Blue Raspberry and the mystery Stealth Edition. You can snap up packs of three called Taster Packs – these are available in triple packs of each flavor, as well as a Mixed Taster Pack for those who want to give every flavor a try before they guy.

You can also grab our Solos in boxes of twenty, for total convenience. Take your Sneak on-the-go or split a box with friends – Solos are portable and flexible enough to fit around your gaming ventures.

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