Patch Notes: NOVEMBER

Patch Notes: NOVEMBER

We’ll get straight to it - this month was all about the Blackout.

We decided a long time ago that we wanted to do something different for Black Friday. We wanted to offer much more than just a discount or a flash sale. And with the event being called ‘Black Friday’, all the signs were pointing one way…

Blackout edition.

So we set about laying down the blueprints for a limited edition collection - a set of one-off products that would only be available across the Black Friday event. The first concept was Blackout flavor. We may have the freshest merch around, but we’re an energy company first and foremost - we knew that any new Sneak collection needed to be built around a flavor.

If you’ve ever tasted Sneak, you’ll know that our team can work miracles. But we never expected to be able to present you guys with a Black Friday flavor that was actually… black! The addition of a simple ingredient meant we were able to create a formula that tasted as fresh and fruity as any Sneak favorite, but looked as dark as any Blackout we’ve ever known.


But if you have a Blackout flavor, you’ve gotta have something to drink it from. The Blackout Shaker definitely delivered - a black-on-black re-skin of our classic OG Shaker that was made for sipping Blackout. We decided to give away the Blackout Shaker for free to everyone who placed an order with us during Black Friday week - that way everyone could get a slice of the Blackout collection.

We also wanted to make something even more limited for the die-hard Sneak fans - the ones who wait on site every time there’s a drop, the ones who are constantly giving us the feedback that helps shape the brand, the ones who shout about Sneak from the rooftops. The Blackout Hoodie ticked all of those boxes.


With a slick matte black design over the classic black garment, we knew that we were onto a winner with the Blackout Hoodie. We gave Sneak ambassador Muselk an early prototype - and you only have to look at how many times he wore it on his streams and videos to know this merch was something special.

The Blackout Hoodie was really limited. Like, really limited. We won’t disclose how many were made, but if you managed to snap one up, you’re one of the lucky ones. It sold out within 11 minutes of launching on site, and we were blown away by the response.


Just a few hours after dropping Blackout flavor, that sold out too - and the day before our Black Friday event was due to end, we ran out of Blackout Shakers. You guys sold us out completely, and we can’t thank you enough for making our first Black Friday such a memorable one.

To those who didn’t get their hands on any of our Blackout collection, don’t worry - more merch, more flavours and more limited releases are on the way.

That’s Patch Notes out for November. Who’s ready for Christmas, Sneak-style?


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