Patch Notes: June

Patch Notes: June

It’s been a BIG month here at Sneak HQ – and it all kicked off with a giant purple piñata llama…



Yeah, we really did that. We built a full-sized, 5ft Loot Llama, we packed it full of Sneak, and we gave it away!

Let’s be real, it was tempting to have him hang around the office on a full-time basis, but we wanted to give it away to a true Sneak fan, along with a shedload of loot.

Rob Walker was our lucky winner – we know our four-legged Fortnite friend has gone to a GREAT home. Congrats, Rob!


As well as giving away the most realistic Loot Llama you’ll ever see, this month we restocked ALL of our incredible flavors, so you can keep loading up on Sneak whenever you need it.

We also launched a brand new offer, and you guys were ALL over it… so we decided to make it a permanent stack! From now, you can get any tub of In-Game Energy and a Sneak Shaker for just $40! 

How could we have a round-up blog without touching on the biggest gaming event of the year? E3 did NOT disappoint – Fortnite’s Pro-Am raised millions for charity and LOADS of you predicted Ninja would claim the Victory Royale in our poll on Instagram Stories.

E3 gave us plenty more to get hyped for:

  • Cyberpunk 2077 – that trailer!
  • Mavericks: Proving Grounds – PUBG, watch out?
  • Doom Eternal – DOUBLE DEMONS!
  • Fallout 76 – pull out your Pip-Boy…
  • Fortnite on Switch – welcome to the party, Switch squad

July is just around the corner, and trust us… things are about to go OFF. We’ve got a HUGE announcement coming next week – watch this space for the biggest Sneak news yet.

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