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How does Sneak Subs work?

You can now sign up for a subscription to your favourite Sneak flavours - so you’ll never run low again!

What can I subscribe to?

400g, 150g and Hydrate tubs are all available through Sneak Subs. Please note: limited edition flavours will NOT be available through subscriptions.

What are the benefits?

Besides never running out of Sneak, subscribers will save 10% on first and recurring orders. You’ll earn double Elite points on all subscriptions. You control the frequency, you control the flavours - and there’s no commitment, so you can cancel or delay orders at any time.

How do I activate my subscription?

You can activate your subscription on the product page for your chosen flavour and tub size. You'll have the option to subscribe in the Add to Basket area! Just choose your delivery frequency and preferred flavour and complete your purchase as normal. Subscription activated!

Am I locked in if I sign up for a subscription?

No way - you can cancel or delay your subscription at any time. 

Can I subscribe to more than one tub?

Yep - you can subscribe to as many tubs as you like.

How much does my subscription cost?

Your subscription cost depends on which tub you subscribe to - but whatever you choose, you’ll save 10% on every order. 

How can I pay for Sneak Subs?

We accept all major credit/debit cards along with PayPal, Amazon Pay and Apple Pay. You can also use accrued Elite points to pay for your first subscription order only - all subsequent orders will need to be paid for using a regular payment method.

Unfortunately, we don't currently accept Buy Now, Pay Later products on Sneak Subs - that includes Klarna and AfterPay. We know this isn't ideal, and we're keeping an eye out for any changes in the future. You can still use Buy Now, Pay Later options on one-time purchase products.


When am I billed?

You’ll be billed in line with your selected frequency - so it’ll be every 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks, on the same day as your original subscription purchase. For example, if you subscribe to a tub every 2 weeks on a Tuesday, you’ll be billed every fortnight on a Tuesday. 

Will I  get a reminder email a week/few days before my  subscription renews? 

Yes. You will receive a confirmation email 3 days prior to your subscription order being placed, to give you a heads up.

How do I manage my subscription?

Your customer portal is the place to be for managing your subscription. From here you can:

  • Edit your subscription (change the flavour or the product)
  • Change your delivery dates
  • Skip, pause or delay deliveries
  • Add, edit or remove payment details
  • Update your address
  • Add one-time products to your order

How do I access my customer portal?

Head to your Sneak account and select Manage Subscriptions - this will take you to your customer portal, where you can tweak your subscription to your heart’s desire. If you don’t have a Sneak account yet, you’ll need to make one.




How do I access/manage my subscriptions?

You can access your subscriptions through our customer portal. Head to your Sneak Account and select Manage Subscriptions. Here you’ll find the dashboard where you can change almost anything about your subscription. You can also login by ‘magic link’ - this is sent in the Subscription Confirmation and the Upcoming Order emails you’ll receive. 

How do I pause/cancel my subscription?

Head to your Sneak account and select Manage Subscriptions. Login to the customer portal and you’ll be able to manage your entire subscription - including cancelling and pausing your subscription.

What’s the deadline for cancelling / changing my subscription?

You have until 24 hours before the renewal date to cancel or make any changes to your subscription. Once the subscription has renewed, you’ll receive a confirmation email and we won’t be able to amend the order. 

How can I reactivate my subscription?

If you’ve cancelled a subscription in the past but you want to come back for more, head to your Sneak account and select Manage Subscriptions. Login to the customer portal and select ‘Inactive’. Click +Reactivate to get your subscription up and running again. 

If the subscription shows as ‘expired’, it can’t be reactivated. You’ll need to checkout on the regular store with a fresh subscription for that item. 




Can I collect Elite points on subscriptions?

Yep, you’ll rack up double points on your subscription purchases. every $1 spent is worth 6 points' now that we've doubled Elite points on subs orders.

If I buy a subscription item along with a one-time purchase item, will any applicable discount codes still apply? 

Yes - but the relevant discount code would only be applicable to the one-time purchase products. 

Can I use my Elite points on multiple subscription orders? 

You can spend your Elite points on your first subscription order, either as full payment or for an exchanged discount amount. Unfortunately, you can’t use Elite points on any subsequent subscription orders. When using Elite points on your first order, you’ll also need to add a backup payment method within your account settings, ready for the next month’s subscription to renew. 

Can I use discount codes on my subscription order including recurring orders?

We don’t accept discount codes on subscription orders.

If my subscription is above the free gift threshold will this be added to my order? 

Unfortunately recurring subscription orders are ineligible to receive free gifts, even above the threshold. 

My usual subscription flavour / tub is currently discounted, will this be applied to my order? 

All subscriptions will be renewed at the price of the initial subscription order. However when you subscribe, you'll get sweet perks on every subscription order including 10% off first and recurring orders, and double Elite points on subscriptions. 


What happens if my subscription tub/flavour is out of stock? What if I’ve subscribed to multiple items, but one of them is out of stock?

First off, we’ll send a notification to your email address if anything in your subscription order is out of stock at the time of placing the order. At this stage, you’ll have two options:

OPTION 1 - WAIT. You can sit back and do nothing and wait for your chosen product to come back in stock - it’ll be dispatched automatically as soon as it’s available again, and you’ll get a notification when it does. 

OPTION 2 - CHANGE YOUR ORDER. Head into your Sneak Subs portal and you’ll be able to swap out the item that’s out of stock for something that’s readily available.